Biaxial Steel-Plastic Welding Geogrid

Product overview

Junsheng steel reinforced geogrid come from steel reinforced belt going through new processes. Its surfaces has regular thick decorative pattern for calendering so that it can bear large stress and friction with filling, restricting the shear of foundation soil as a whole, side extrusion and upheaval. It is good to evenly spread and transmit of upper foundation load, spread to below soft clay, improve bearing capacity of foundation greatly. It increase integral rigidity of foundation within the scope of compression layer, in favour of adjusting the transformation of foundationm reinforced soil composite subrust belong to flexible construction fabric which have used steel reinforced geogrid so that it has good anti-seismic property.


1. High strength, little squirm, fit all kinds of envirnment soil, satisfy high-grade highways using as tall barricade absolutely.

2. Enhance interlocking, occlusion of reinforced load bearing surface, improve the bearing capacity of foundation greatly, restrain side displacement effectively, increase stable performance.

3. Compared with old grating, it has features, such as, high strength, strong bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, large friction coefficient, evenly evelentm easy to operate, long working life, etc.

4. Suitable for deep sea or embankment to reinforce, fundamentally solved the problem that seawater erode in long time cause low strength, bad decay resistance, short service life for gabion made by other material.


Suitable for civil engineering, such as, highway, railway, embankment, abutment, construction road, wharf, revetment, flood bank, dam, intertidal zone management, goods yard, airport, playground, enviromental protection building, soft foundation reinforcement, barricade, slope protection, and so on.